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A Shorter Invite for Women to Become Software Developers

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The other day I wrote a post for inviting women to become software developers. My very smart and kind niece said it is awesome, but so looooong 😅. So here is a shorter version.

You might expect people becoming software developers to do so because of their love for computing. Ironically, I personally entered this field to ensure my financial independence and to be in the company of guys with promising careers, with the intention of finding a future husband.

Now, more than a decade later, if you choose a career in software development, you will still be mostly surrounded by men. Research indicates that only 5% of software developers are female. Why is that so? I would say there is a profound misconception that software development is a male profession, especially for boys who began tinkering with computers at the age of 8.

This couldn't be further from the truth. I started my development journey in my 20s. I enjoyed it from the start and continue to enjoy it to this day.

Software development is an amazing and artsy process of creating something from nothing. All you need is a computer.  

Outputs of a mobile developer are visible and considering the widespread use of smartphones, quick to reach your friends, family, and people around the globe, allowing you to showcase your work with pride.

Some of the concerns that women who consider a career in software development may have are that it may be stressful and/or may be difficult to balance with having kids. While these are valid concerns, it all depends on the company you choose to work for and their culture and nowadays it's easy to find a company where diversity is welcomed and work-life balance is cared for. 

While other career paths may sound initially more 'suitable' for women, I have heard stories of many women who choose different paths sharing their frustrations. Let's consider a few other common career alternatives for women and the challenges they may bring.

  • Nurses manage physical tasks and emotional challenges, with non-standard working hours including nights, and holidays. 

  • Teachers balance discipline and engagement for 20-40 kids at once. 

  • Biologists and chemists work in tiny labs, analyzing samples and searching for funding. 

  • Lawyers resolving disputes, in a hostile environment. 

Of course, each of these professions is vitally important to society. However, when choosing your own career, consider thoroughly as most likely you are choosing an occupation for the next 30 years.

The software development field offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of geography, making relocation easier compared to many other fields. Consider the professions such as lawyers or financial advisers. For them, moving to a new country means adapting to a different set of legal or financial regulations. Educators and journalists must master the language of their new home, and many specialists have the challenge of rebuilding their client base. In contrast, all the developer needs is basic English.

Speaking of the globe, a huge benefit of being a software developer is the opportunity to work remotely. You can easily live on a sunny beach in Thailand or Bali and work for a company in another part of the world, earning money at the rate of a developed country and spending it in a developing one.

In case you do choose to settle in an office, you’ll be surrounded by intelligent, vibrant people, and enjoy comfortable workspaces, fun parties, and pampering perks. Either way, life as a software developer is awesome!

And last but not least, Moniz! Software development ranks among the highest-paying careers. 

Hope you'll give it consideration.



Brainstorming with lovely coworkers, Matilda and Anastasia.


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ariel krieger
ariel krieger
Apr 05

I'm happy you chose me :)

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